Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs: $500 a day from home

by Rey Srunthul

Plunk, plunk our fingers go, while Fido naps at our feet and Queen sings We are the Champion in our headset.

Indeed, we are champions! Finally, we are getting paid BIG BUCKS to have this data entry job from home. The ads were right: I'm making $500 a day just plunking away part time at my computer whenever I feel like it. I'm going to be rich, and all I need is fingers! Oh, I love this kind of job. No human contact. No stress. No actual work. (Plunking isn't really work.) No experience necessary. It's true I'm not even that great of a typist, but I can email my friends, can't I, that's good enough, and afterall, I'm earning huge, huge paychecks! Yep, I'm a champion all right. Why do people go to college and do other dumb things like that when they can make almost $250,000 a year plunking away in a just a few minutes every day doing data entry?

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  • Yes, there are real data entry jobs. Trillions of names and addresses and other piece of information are typed, entered and stored in computers every year.
  • But that doesn't mean that just because you can type a text message or an email you're qualified to make $500 a day with a data entry job.
  • Do yourself a favor. Finish reading this article and then promise yourself that you will never believe those ridiculous ads again.
  • Data entry jobs are also sometimes also promoted as Typing Jobs or Email Processor jobs and all of them are nothing more than modern versions of the old envelope stuffing scam.
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